Digitalization and intelligent document processing with the latest technologies

We offer a diverse portfolio in the areas of digitization, intelligent document processing and incoming mail processing.
Our digital transformation consulting helps companies improve their business models and transform business activities using digital technologies. We develop tailored approaches to meet the specific needs of each business.
Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we generate data-driven insights, automate processes and facilitate informed business decisions. With our solutions and the integration of AI technologies, we help companies increase their efficiency, reduce costs and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.


Assessment and Inventory, Define Standards and Guidelines, Assess every system/process in your inventory, Ensure consistent data across all systems, User trainings and change management


Through our implementation of automation in document management, companies can optimize their business processes, reduce errors, improve compliance and work more efficiently overall.

Learning Machine

We provide solutions for the automated processing of documents using AI technologies to enable efficient and precise business processes.

Big data

Applying advanced data analysis and processing technologies to large volumes of document-based information to gain insights, identify patterns, and make business processes more efficient.


About Us

Artificial intelligence is not a matter of science fiction.

We ensure that AI-based software for intelligent document processing also works for you in the future. Our goal is to make the advantages of artificial intelligence easily and quickly accessible to all customers in order to redefine the topics of digitalization and input management through this technology. Our highly specialized team is used to working with large companies and at the same time lives a startup philosophy.

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What we offer

Artificial intelligence can do great things for us in all areas


We offer comprehensive digitalization solutions for your company, starting with the analysis of your current processes. Our team of experts develops individual strategies to optimize your business processes, implements tailor-made software solutions and accompanies you on the way to an efficient and future-oriented digital transformation.


We offer comprehensive document management automation solutions with the aim of minimizing or eliminating manual processes in the creation, management, storage and sharing of documents, resulting in significant increases in efficiency, reduction of errors and overall improved document management workflows .

Data Engineering

We design the infrastructure, implement data pipelines and ensure that data in different formats and from different sources can be used effectively.

Data & Analytics

We offer comprehensive data & analytics solutions that enable companies to strategically use data, gain insights and make informed decisions to achieve their business goals.


We offer comprehensive Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions that enable the interaction between computers and human language for applications such as word processing, translation, speech recognition and chatbot development.

Object Tracking

We offer advanced object tracking solutions in document management to enable precise identification, tracking and efficient management of specific items or information throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Why Choose Us

With great power comes great productivity.

Smart Solutions

We offer world-class advice and digital transformation expertise in the area of intelligent document processing (IDP) to help companies across all industries manage documents, optimize their business processes and improve their workflows

Certified solutions

We are the right choice because we only offer certified solutions that meet the highest quality standards and inspire confidence in the reliability of the products and services we provide.

23 years of experience

We are the ideal choice due to our 23 years of experience in document handling and processing, ensuring deep expertise and proven expertise in this area.

Artificial Intelligence is the new big thing in technology

Your company is confronted every day with a multitude of known and unknown content—whether through traditional paper mail, emails, chat messages, e-invoices, or mobile apps. The data contained therein serves as the fuel for your subsequent business processes and automation tools, laying the foundation for a well-functioning enterprise. Thanks to cutting-edge deep learning technologies, our software solutions extract all relevant business information, automate transactions, and significantly reduce response times. With the software solutions offered by SMART IMS, the days of manual data entry are definitively numbered, and your journey towards Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can commence with us.

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